University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham is a private university located in Buckingham, England. It was the first independent university in the United Kingdom to receive a royal charter, granting it degree-awarding powers. The university was established in 1976 and has since gained a reputation for its innovative approach to education.

Flexible Study Programs: The University of Buckingham offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including business, law, humanities, social sciences, and medicine. It also offers accelerated degree programs that allow students to complete their studies in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional degree programs.

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Ranked 66th in the UK

Times Higher Education – Best universities in the UK 2022


Ranked 127th in the UK

The Complete University Guide – University League Tables 2023

Awarded Silver Rating in 2017

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University of Buckingham (UB)

University of Buckingham UK is a renowned private university established in 1976 in Buckingham, England. The following is a brief introduction to the University of Buckingham (UB):

University of Buckingham is the first independent university in the UK and one of the few universities in the UK to adopt a system of education. The academic system is a method of organizing learning in an efficient and centralized manner, enabling students to obtain a degree in a shorter period of time. This unique academic system makes the degree programs at Buckingham University more flexible and better able to meet the needs of students.

Buckingham University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses, covering fields such as humanities, social sciences, business management, law, education, medicine, and science. These courses are characterized by small class teaching, where students can receive more personalized guidance and support. This teaching model helps to cultivate students’ academic abilities, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Buckingham University is renowned for its excellent teaching quality and academic reputation. According to the National Student Survey in the UK, Buckingham University has received numerous awards in terms of student satisfaction. The teaching team of the school is composed of first-class scholars and industry professionals, who are committed to providing high-quality education and training.

In addition, Buckingham University also has an international academic environment. The school attracts students and teachers from around the world, providing students with opportunities to communicate with classmates from different cultures and backgrounds. This international environment helps cultivate students’ cross-cultural communication skills and global perspectives.

Overall, Buckingham U is a private university renowned for its high-quality education. It provides a flexible academic system, small class teaching, and excellent teaching quality. The international environment and convenient geographical location of the school enable students to gain rich experiences and opportunities in academic and personal development

What programs can you apply?

Master of Business Administration Top-Up (9 months):

Completed within a timeframe of 9 months, the program’s foundation lies in the core modules of strategy, finance, marketing, and HRM, which are considered the bedrock of business education. These modules provide students with essential knowledge and skills that have stood the test of time.

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MBA HRM Top-Up (9 months):

Within a span of 9 months, our program offers engaging classroom discussions that encourage students to actively raise HRM issues, creating an environment that prioritizes current and relevant topics. Through their assignments, students delve deeper into these subjects, further enhancing their understanding of HRM.

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MBA Marketing Top-Up (9 months):

Throughout the 9-month duration of the taught element of the program, students opting for the Marketing route are immersed in a comprehensive framework of skills, mindset, and knowledge specifically tailored to the field of marketing. This enables them to acquire a deep understanding of marketing principles and practices that can be applied effectively in real-world scenarios.

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MBA Finance (9 months):

With a flexible course duration of up to 9 months, this program is the perfect choice for individuals looking to accelerate their studies while balancing their professional commitments.

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BSc (Hons) Business Management (12 months):

This comprehensive program aims to prepare you for employment opportunities, ensuring you graduate as a highly competent and business-ready professional. Over a period of 12 months, you will establish a solid foundation in accounting and finance, equipping you with the knowledge and abilities to excel in diverse industries.

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BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance (12 months):

The prestigious BSc (Hons) Computing Top-Up program at Wrexham Glyndwr University is carefully designed to address the increasing demand for skilled computing professionals in the ever-changing technological landscape.Over the span of 12 months, you will acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of computing and make a significant impact in the industry.

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BSc (Hons) Computing (12 months):

With a strong emphasis on developing their business acumen and nurturing personal and professional growth, this comprehensive program equips students with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in various professional contexts. Within a timeframe of 12 months, students will undergo a transformative learning experience that prepares them for successful careers in the field of business management.

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The University of Buckingham has consistently maintained a superior position in university rankings in the UK and globally. It stands out in the ranking table with its outstanding academic reputation and achievements.

Buckingham University ranking often ranks at the top in terms of domestic rankings in the UK. According to authoritative ranking institutions such as The Guardian University Guide, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and The Complete University Guide in the UK, Buckingham University typically scores high in multiple disciplinary areas. These disciplines include humanities, social sciences, business management, law, and medicine.

In addition, Buckingham University has also performed well in certain specific fields, earning itself a good reputation. The University of Buckingham ranking ranks among the top international universities. For example, the Law School of Buckingham University has been rated as one of the best law schools in the UK, and its law courses are widely praised both domestically and internationally. In addition, the School of Medicine at Buckingham University is renowned for its excellent medical education and research, and UB Ranking is considered one of the top medical schools in the UK.

In global rankings, Buckingham University has also achieved excellent results in some important rankings. For example, in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, UB ranking is often one of the top universities in the world, reflecting its superior position in the international academic community.

Although Buckingham U ranking is an important indicator of university performance, students should also consider other factors when choosing a university, such as teaching quality, course structure, academic support, and campus life. Not only does Buckingham U ranking perform well, but it is also praised for its small class teaching, high-quality education, and international environment.

In summary, Buckingham University ranking holds an outstanding position. It has achieved excellent ranking results both domestically and globally, and is renowned for its professional reputation in specific fields. This makes Buckingham University an ideal choice for students pursuing academic excellence and personal development.