Master of Law (LLM)

The LLM is a great way to expand your career prospects, increase your income potential, and prepare to start a new and exciting career in your chosen field.

The Master of Law course can bring more opportunities and advantages to your career:

  • Demonstrate to your employer that you are capable of taking on new responsibilities and leadership positions
  • Enhance your understanding of International Trade Law, Commercial Trust Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law
  • Making connections with other students, lawyers, and professionals can help gain a broader perspective

Suitable for:

  • Candidate with five years or more management experience
  • Or UK QCF Level 6 Diploma (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree qualification)
  • Or holds a bachelor’s degree

Course features:

  • Various practical classes, including International Trade Law, Commercial Trust Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law, etc.
  • 100% assessment based, no exams
  • Equivalent to local students’ qualifications in the UK
  • University professor support on graduation thesis

What programs can you apply?

Master of Law (LLM)

• Ranked 4th in the North West
• 151-200th in European Teaching Level
• Awarded Silver Rating in Teaching Excellent Framework

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What does llm law and LLM degree mean?
llm law is master law, which means master of law. After completing the law master course, you can get an llm degree. Because of its short time and low cost, the master in law project can intensively learn knowledge and obtain vocational training in a short period of time. It has become an ideal career springboard for many law students.
The llm course is a one-year course specially prepared for international students. Those with a bachelor of law or above can apply for LLM. Usually there are two types of people who read llm international business law: one is lawyers with work experience, and the other is some undergraduate students.
Many students will choose to study uk llm, which is the UK llm. For international students, there is basically no scholarship for llm uk, so every applicant must plan to pay for it. The tuition fees of llm uk and llm in the United Kingdom are about 40,000 US dollars a year, plus the different living expenses in different places, the total cost is estimated to be about 500,000-600,000 Hong Kong dollars. The cost of master business law is increasing every year, with an annual growth rate of 10%.
uk llm ranking
The following is for everyone to announce the British llm ranking, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
①Cambridge University Law School: Cambridge University Law School is the oldest and best law school in the world, and its teaching quality and academic research are at the top of the world. The courses offered include bachelor of law, master’s degree, doctorate degree programs, and master’s degree programs in corporate law.
② Oxford University Law School: Oxford University Law School has a history of more than 800 years and is one of the largest law schools in the UK. The Master’s program of Oxford University Law School is the largest in English-speaking countries.
③London University of Political Science and Economics Law School: Since the establishment of London University of Economics and Political Science, legal research has been the focus of the school, and the School of Law is also one of the largest schools in the school.
④King’s University Law School: King’s University Law School is one of the top law schools in the world. The school also has the highest GPA in the UK, as well as the highest thesis quality and research level. The college has courses for Bachelor of Laws, Masters, and Doctoral degrees, as well as distance teaching and summer camp courses.
⑤Law School of Queen Mary University of London: The School of Law of Queen Mary University of London has a history of more than 50 years. The School of Law is divided into the Law Department and the Commercial Law Research Center.
llm Hong Kong, Hong Kong llm, hk llm course
Compared to studying llm international business law abroad, llm hk, llm hong kong, and master in law hong kong seem to be more sensible choices for the following reasons:
① Low time cost: This is the obvious advantage of llm hong kong. For students who want to get a master’s degree as soon as possible, but fortunately to enter a large law firm after graduation, Hong Kong llm is a cost-effective shortcut.
②The cost is relatively low. Under the premise of low time cost, hong kong llm is cheaper than the United States/United Kingdom and other countries. The same is an llm degree, and you need more than 600,000 to study in the United States, while llm hong kong only needs 200,000. Of course, if you want to go to the next level in your career, in addition to the bonus of hong kong llm education, it is more important that you have to pass the test.
llm distance learning, online llm
Studying master business law through traditional learning methods is expensive no matter which country or region you are in, generally requiring hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars or more. With the advancement of science and technology, coupled with the impact of the new crown epidemic, online llm uk remote teaching methods have become more and more popular. The advantages of llm online distance learning are obvious:
① Flexibility: The online llm uk course is usually suitable for full-time and part-time study, allowing students to continue working while studying for a master of law, making work and study do the same.
②Reduce the cost of advanced studies: the cost of studying llm online distance learning courses is much lower than the traditional llm international and commercial law courses. Students do not have to spend extra long-distance transportation and placement fees for learning.
③The participating students are more diversified: Since the online llm course does not require students to leave the area where they live, the participating students are often more diversified than traditional law schools. The Online master in law course can not only conduct simulated classroom teaching, but also conduct real-time video conferences, share file editing and homework reviews, etc.
Many prestigious universities have begun to teach online remotely, so that students can study hk llm international and commercial law courses in Hong Kong.
UK Education, to help you study llm hk in Hong Kong
Taking advantage of distance learning, completing the law master course in Hong Kong is no longer an unattainable dream. The professional consultants of UK Education will recommend the master law course for you according to your actual conditions and requirements. In addition, the centre will also provide you with a one-stop university registration agency service to assist you in solving application problems such as application forms, recommendation letters, and English resumes.
UK Education will provide you with accurate information about the school, including school reputation, available resources for distance courses, teacher level, curriculum, admission requirements, admission costs, etc., so that you can choose clearly.
The llm Hong Kong course is 100% remotely taught. Even so, the quality of teaching will still be guaranteed. During the learning process, you will get the same learning resources as the students at school, and you can flexibly communicate with professors and classmates through video chat at any time.
If you are sure that you can study Hong Kong llm with concentration and perseverance, you can start your llm distance learning journey now. For questions about Online llm law, you can consult us at any time. UK Education will do its best to answer your questions about master in law hong kong.