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It takes around 12 months to complete the MBA program. After completing the Qualifi Level 7 postgraduate diploma, students can apply for the MBA programme at Bucks New University

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Course Title

BA (Hons) Business Management

Study Method

Distance Learning                   

Delivered By


Course Type

BS(Hons) Top-Up

Start Date

24 Jan / 11 April / 04 July / 26 Sep

Course Duration

12 months

Registration Deadline

1 month before the starting date




Programme Aims

The main educational aims of the programme are to:

• Develop a strategic, integrated and holistic perspective on organisations and management
through a study of management at:
• An individual, group and organisational behavioural level
• A functional, process and strategic level
• At local, national and international level.
and through reflection on prior experience (both personal and within the cohort)
• Prepare for a senior management career through the development of enhanced personal and
interpersonal skills and, in particular, leadership capability and skills in facilitating change in
organisation and business and development.
• Equip students with an advanced understanding of concepts and current and pervasive issues in
international business and management.
• Enable students to anticipate and address risks that may adversely affect their business thereby
helping to ensure future business resilience and sustainability.
• Develop the critical thinking, analytical and research skills needed to make logical arguments and
creative contributions to improve business and management practice.
• Be more self-aware of their strengths and aspirations so as to identify potential career
development paths.
• Contribute to society at large by enhancing life-Iong learning skills and personal development.

Programme Learning Outcomes

IOn successful completion of the Postgraduate Certificate in International Business
Administration a graduate will be able to:

A. Knowledge and Understanding
   1. Critically analyse the impact of contextual forces on organisations including legal
systems; ethical, economic, environmental, social and technological change issues;
international developments; corporate governance
   2. Critically evaluate the concepts, processes and institutions in the production and
marketing of goods, services and operations
   3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the sources, uses and management of
resources of the business enterprise or other forms of organisations: finance, materials,
   4. Select from a range of concepts relating to the management and development of people
within organisations: organisational theory, behaviour, HRM, change management,

B. Intellectual/Cognitive Skills
   1. Undertake a situation analysis using research-based evidence and applying analytical models
and frameworks.
   2. Critically analyse and evaluate information and knowledge.

C. Practical Skills
   1. Critically evaluate individual and team performance in relation to overall business performance.

   2. Evaluate and utilise numeracy and quantitative skills including the use of models of business situations.
   3. Make effective use of Communication and Information Technology.

D. Key/Transferable Skills
   1. Develop self-confidence and emotional intelligence among peers and colleagues.
   2. Evaluate alternative strategies to meet stakeholder requirements.
   3. Effectively use written and oral communication skills to present information in a coherent and
persuasive manner.
   4. Display numeracy and quantitative skills in order to manipulate financial and non-financial


Applicants to the International MBA will normally have obtained an Hons degree (or equivalent). The broad nature of the International MBA allows us to appeal to a broad range of applicants from across a diversity of subject disciplines or professions. The global nature of the International MBA allows us to appeal to applicants from different parts of the world. Students whose first language is not English or whose language of instruction at undergraduate level was not English will be required to demonstrate English proficiency at a score of IELTS level 6.5 or its equivalent. In keeping with the nature of MBAs across many other institutions, the programme specification will retain some flexibility to enable senior and experienced students who lack formal academic qualifications to be considered e.g. via portfolio preparation and interview. For the Top-Up version of the programme, or entering with advanced standing to Part 2 of the full programme students will need to demonstrate that, in addition to the above, they have either:

  • a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (or equivalent) for those students wishing to enter with advanced standing onto Part 2; or
  • a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (or equivalent) for those students
    wishing to enter direct onto Part 3 (the top-up).

Non-standard qualifications will be subject to a mapping exercise against our PG Cert or PG Dip to
ensure equivalence via the University’s accreditation for prior learning policy.

Course Description

The Bucks International MBA has been developed to address business leadership in an uncertain world of continuous disruption. It will provide a strategic and global view with recurring themes throughout of problem solving, creative thinking and developing empathy all within an international context. In
addition, it addresses issues that many organisations face in the present climate: operating in a global setting, ensuring business resilience and sustainability. The importance of these contextual issues is recognised by the title of the programme and the recurring themes. It is not intended to be a programme
on managing international business but it is intended to be a programme about doing business in an international setting.

The content has been designed to address these issues. In addition, the learning processes are designed to meet students’ many preferences and opportunities: for those students who wish to be able to balance continued study with continued work or career, this Flexible and Distributed Learning version will meet their needs. In particular, this will satisfy the needs of a number of international students whose
circumstances (e.g. visa, finances) may prevent them from prolonged periods in the UK for study. The option of selecting the precise nature of the self-managed learning element (dissertation, consultancy project or negotiated work-based learning project) will enable students to influence not only the content of their studies but also the process and outcomes. 

Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Provided by Qualifi

Mandatory Units
You must take all six of the following:

Mandatory Units



Mandatory Units






Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy






Information Management and Strategic Decision Taking






Leading a Strategic Management Project






Strategic Direction






Strategic Planning






Development as a Strategic Manager





MBA International Master of Business Administration (Top-Up)

Online Provided by Bucks New University

Mandatory Units

Module Code

Mandatory Units


Semester Taught









MB760 Consultancy Project**






Negotiated Work Based Learning






The overall structure of the course is based on 4 units that cover a number of topics relating to learning outcomes. Each unit has the equivalency of 30 credits.

Learners will be invited to attend lectures and workshops that will introduce the subject matter. Learners must complete all units successfully and achieve 120 credits before the degree can be issued.

Formative assessments (weighted at 0%) may be used in lectures or tutorials to check knowledge and understanding of specific topics and subject areas.

Units require reflective exam sets and/or summative assessments for marking.



MBA International Master of Business Administration (Top-Up)

Assessment Regulation

This programme conforms to the approved University procedures as detailed on the University website.
The following modules will be non-compensable:
• MB759 Dissertation
• MB760 Consultancy Project
• MB761 Negotiated Work Based Learning Project


Bucks New University

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1. Employability
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5. Student-focused
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Did you know?

Bucks New University is one of the Top 10 UK universities mostly likely to produce graduates who go on to own or manage a business (Capital on Tap, 2021), find out more about this excellent news.





  • HESA ranks BNU in the top 10 universities for graduate employment rate


  • BNU stands strong in the top 20 universities for student experience by National Student Survey 2020.

Secure Career Prospects

  • As per HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) 2020, 92% of graduates from the BNU work or further study six months after graduating.

Progression Pathway

If you have any general questions before you start please email us at [email protected] 

We look forward to welcoming you soon!