Master of Laws in corporate and financial Law

LLM corporate governance

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What is Master of Laws in corporate and financial Law|LLM corporate and financial Law

Master of Laws in corporate and financial Law, LLM corporate and financial Law. This professional course combines professional knowledge in the fields of company law and financial law, specifically designed for individuals engaged or preparing to engage in commercial, corporate, and financial affairs. It focuses on exploring legal issues related to corporate and financial activities, as well as the role of legal provisions in the field of financial commerce. For those who hope to develop in the field of corporate law, obtaining a Master of Laws in corporate and financial Law (LLM corporate and financial Law) degree is very important.

This course covers the following content:

  • Banking Law
  • Company law and securities regulation
  • Securities Regulation
  • Law of international Finance
  • Corporate governance and shareholder
  • Regulation of financial markets
  • China Investment Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Credit and Security Law

Introduction to LLM corporate governance, LLM corporate governance grade

LLM corporate governance is a course dedicated to providing students with the legal expertise necessary for engaging in business activities, in order to cultivate outstanding business management talents. In the LLM corporate governance course, students will master professional knowledge in areas such as company nature, corporate governance practices and laws, reform suggestions, and be able to evaluate the effectiveness of domestic and foreign corporate governance methods, and have their own critical thinking on business decisions. In addition, during the learning process of LLM corporate governance, students will study methodology in global corporate governance practices under the leadership of professors, thereby further enriching and expanding their research experience and academic perspectives.


LLM Corporate Governance Course Introduction

  • Transnational Corporate & Capital Markets Law
  • The Principles and Practice of Corporate Governance
  • LL.M Dissertation
  • Academic Skills for Legal Studies
  • International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Law
  • Corporate Governance, Global Trade and Labour Laws
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Financial Services Regulation
  • International Investment Law



Part time online completion of MBA courses

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