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MBA programmes are offered by traditional UK public universities and focus on developing the knowledge and skills required for business careers, and are recognised by the government and various business organisations.


The Value of LLM Degree.

The employment prospects of the law major are vast, making it one of the most coveted majors for many students. Many students will consider pursuing the LLM program. Students who are interested in applying for the LLM program may have doubts: Is the LLM Law program worth learning? What is the recognition level of an LLM degree?

In fact, choosing a major is not good or bad, only the one that is most suitable for oneself is the best.UK University provides a detailed introduction to the value of the Law Master degree to help you make better choices.

The prospects for law master’s graduates are broad, with diverse employment directions, and the value of Master Law degrees is high.Completing LLM Law programs within one year can earn a Law Master degree.After graduation, students can become lawyers, legal advisors, accountants, securities industry practitioners, judicial appraisers, real estate consultants, and so on.After graduating from LLM course, students will possess systematic theoretical knowledge and practical abilities, and have a bright future in their career development.


Advantages of LLM course

LLM program is suitable for the following two types of students: ① practicing lawyers who urgently need to improve their foreign-related legal expertise and optimize their legal background; ② Law college students who are interested in obtaining qualifications for the foreign lawyer examination.

The advantages of LLM Law program are as follows:

  1. Helps to enhance legal professionalism and optimize legal background.Learning LLM course is a great opportunity to assist you in systematically organizing your career experience and looking at the overall situation of the workplace beyond your previous position.

The LLM course includes system theory and a large number of practical cases to help you establish a comprehensive thinking framework and practical case experience.Through the LLM course, students can comprehensively learn foreign legal knowledge, achieve promotions, and salary increases.

  1. The LLM course helps you qualify for the Foreign Lawyer Examination.For example, the law exam in the United States requires candidates to have J.D (Juris Doctor) or LLM degree (Master of Laws).LLM course is a short-term advanced legal course that can earn a Master Law degree as soon as one year.Therefore, the LLM program has also become a key consideration for many students.
  2. You can obtain an internationally recognized Law Master degree.Numerous renowned universities in the UK can offer online LLM Law program for international students.Many students are worried about applying for Online LLM without Law degree, but there is actually no need to worry.Because the course is graded based on homework and there are no exams. Aslong as you earn enough credits you can get the Master Law degree certificate.The Law Master degree you have obtained is no different from that of graduates from UK colleges.You can attend the graduation ceremony.The Master Law degree you have obtained is internationally recognized.No need to study abroad, saving you time and money.

Learning the LLM program not only allows you to learn professional knowledge, but also helps you improve your understanding of society and yourself, becoming a practicing lawyer with an international perspective.Obtaining a Law Master degree is highly beneficial for your future.



Online LLM program is highly popular.

Affected by COVID-19, the development of studying abroad is limited.In order to obtain a Master degree in Law, pursuing online LLM programs has become the best choice for many law students. Online LLM programs are increasingly favored by legal professionals. You don’t need to worry about Online LLM without Law degree. Once you complete the online LLM program and earn sufficient credits, online students will also get a Master degree in Law.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in law, you can choose to pursue an online LLM course to qualify for the Foreign Lawyer Examination.UK universities also have corresponding policies for LLM for non Law graduates. As long as you have recognized professional qualifications and 3 years of relevant industry experience, you can also try to apply. Law Master degree can promote career development.

The learning mode of the Online LLM course is flexible and convenient, allowing you to study professional legal courses from prestigious universities in the UK without leaving the country and obtain a Master degree in Law degree certificate. The learning process is taught remotely, and the course content can be viewed at any time. You can earn a Law Master degree as soon as one year.


UK University can help you easily get a Master degree in Law in Hong Kong.

If you would like to know about the latest policies of LLM for non Law graduates, if you are concerned about LLM without Law degree, and if you have any other questions about LLM courses, please feel free to consult us at any time.

We will recommend suitable LLA courses based on your actual situation and requirements.In addition, our center will also provide you with a one-stop university registration agency service to assist you in resolving application difficulties such as application forms, recommendation letters, and English resumes.We will provide you with accurate information about the school, including its reputation, available resources for distance learning, teaching staff level, course offerings, admission requirements, admission costs, etc., so that you can choose the school that suits you.

The learning mode of LLM courses is distant teaching, allowing students to balance work and study at the same time.Online LLM courses can provide real-time video conferencing, file sharing, and homework reviews.The advantages of online LLM courses include low tuition fees, a short time to obtain LLM degree, and low investment in time and energy.Online LLM degree is internationally recognized.LLM degree complies with the UK QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework)qualification framework.The Law Master degree has been recognized by over 200 universities, industry associations, and local universities.

It only takes one year to earn credits and successfully graduate. For law students who want to enter a senior law firm, a Master degree in Law is important.UK University will recommend high-quality UK law colleges and interpret the relevant policies of LLM for non Law graduates. UK University has trained tens of thousands of successful lawyers and political and business leaders.If you are passionate about law and look forward to becoming an elite in the legal industry, then the LLM program is your best choice.

I hope this article can be helpful to you, and I hope we can help you achieve your dreams.

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