MSc Project Management

University of Buckingham

The MSc Project Management is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on developing advanced knowledge and skills in the field of project management. This program is designed for individuals who want to pursue careers in project management or enhance their existing project management skills.

MBA Business Management (Top-Up)

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University of Buckingham

Course Title

MSc Project Management

Study Method

Distance Learning

Awarded & Delivered By

University of Buckingham

Course Type

MBA Top-Up

Start Date

September / January / June

Course Duration

9 Months

Progression Pathway


  • UK RQF/ NQF Level 6; or HKQF Level 5 qualification or
  • A bachelor’s degree awarded by a recognized institution or
  • A recognized professional qualification (s) plus at least 3 times of full-time work experience at senior level. Shortlisted applicants may be invited for an interview.


English Requirements:

  • IELTS 6.5; Reading and Writing must be at 6.0 or
  • HKALE Use of English at Grade E or above, or HKDSE Examination English Language at Level 3 or above or
  • Satisfy the examiners in UK EDUCATION qualifying examination, if required.

Your existing educational qualifications and work experience will be directly taken into account, allowing for module exemptions whenever possible.
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ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma
in Business and Management

Start Date: Anytime
Duration: Anytime
Mode of Study: Distance Learning
Structure: 8 Mandatory only with no exam

ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma

in Business and Management

Start Date: Anytime
Duration: Anytime
Mode of Study: Distance Learning
Structure: 8 Mandatory only with no exam

MSc Project Management Provided by University of Buckingham

QUALIFI has exemptions for learners to progress to a number of universities to complete a master’s degree. This generally requires completion of a dissertation only.

The pathways are an indication of a learner’s progress towards a university degree and are based on the university’s review of QUALIFI’s learning programmes and outcomes. Further information is available here.

You will be expected to undertake a major project focusing on the application of entrepreneurial management in an area of interest to you or your organization, such as:

  • The application of research to real-world issues.
  • A consultancy project for a company.
  • Developing a business proposition and proving its viability.

Approximately 15,000 words are included in this dissertation.

UB MSc Project Management top up program introduction

The University of Buckingham MSc Project Management top upprogram is a popular and high-value academicprogram aimed at providing in-depth professional knowledge and skills for professionals who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management and relevant work experience to achieve success in the field of project management.

Course content:

The design of the University of Buckingham MSc Project Management top upprogram aims to cultivate students’ ability to take on leadership roles in the field of project management. Students will learn how to effectively plan, execute, and supervise projects, and master the tools and techniques required to successfully manage projects. Theprogram covers key topics such as project lifecycle, risk management, resource allocation, financial management, team collaboration, and communication. Through case studies and practical projects, students will be able to apply their knowledge to solve practical project management challenges.


UB MSc Project Management top up degree value

The UB MSc Project Management top upprogram provides students with a valuable academic and professional resource to enhance their professional value in the field of project management. By completing thisprogram, students will receive a master’s degree from Buckingham University, which will help them compete and develop in the job market.

The value of the University of Buckingham MSc Project Management degree is reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Professional knowledge and skills: Students will acquire in-depth project management knowledge and practical skills, including the ability to plan, execute, supervise, and close projects. These knowledge and skills will make them excellent project management experts.
  2. Professional competitiveness: An MSc project management degree is a key factor in improving competitiveness in the job market. Students will receive a respected degree, which will provide them with priority opportunities when seeking project management positions.
  3. Networking and Opportunities: Buckingham University provides students with the opportunity to establish connections with industry experts and other project management professionals. Students will have the opportunity to participate in industry events, workshops, and seminars, expand their professional network, and explore career opportunities.


Career direction of University of Buckingham MSc Project Management

The UB MSc Project Management top upprogram provides students with various career opportunities. Graduates can seek project management positions in various organizations and industries, including enterprises, government agencies, non-profit organizations, construction, information technology, and manufacturing. They can hold positions such as project manager, project consultant, project coordinator, or project team member.

In addition, this University of Buckingham MSc Project Management top upprogram also provides students with opportunities for entrepreneurship and self employment. Students can apply their knowledge and skills to carry out their own project management business, or become freelancers to provide project management services.

In summary, the University of Buckingham MSc Project Management top upprogram is a comprehensive academic project aimed at cultivating students to become excellent project management experts. Through in-depthprogram content, degree value obtained, and diverse career directions, students will bring tremendous value and potential to their career.


Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to the Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Arts (MA) degree programs, the MBA is an equivalent study path for graduate students. The degree is only open to applicants who have completed the first round of university studies (obtained a bachelor's degree) or received equivalent training. But unlike MA or MSc courses, MBA focuses on the practical part of training, in parallel with actual business experience, which usually includes actual decision-making for the real business environment and management projects implemented in the real market.
Sure. The MBA degree and certificate are the same regardless of where a student studies. Transcripts will not show if a course was taken in Hong Kong or the UK. Some schools allow students to attend the graduation ceremony on the UK campus.
Business management courses will be taught by Qualifi and university professors, and will also be evaluated in various forms such as essays, research reports, speeches, group work, and practice reports.
Students need to have UK QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) Level 4 and Level 5 diplomas before they can apply for a British university degree. Students need to have the equivalent of a British undergraduate degree, or the British QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) Level 6 postgraduate diploma in order to apply for a British university master's program. For the adult student (Mature Student) pathway, students need to have two years or more of work experience before they can apply for a master's program at a British university. (It will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
You need to give us a copy of the official transcripts of your previous university before you can make an admission assessment. For the mature student route, students may need to submit a resume and reference letter according to university requirements. (It will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
For assistance with your application, you can ask your current employer, company colleague, or business colleague to write a recommendation letter for you. There are differences in how universities handle the application process, but some business schools utilize standardized recommendation forms. In general, the recommender will submit the letter directly to the admissions office.
Applying for the Master of Business Administration is to gain practical business knowledge and is a very good sign to inform your employer that you are ready for new challenges and management positions. Generally speaking, the salary of graduates of our recommended MBA program has increased by more than 20%.
No, most classes will provide video clips. As long as you review the class fragments and submit your homework on time when you have free time, you can meet the attendance and assessment requirements.
It is recommended that students prepare a Windows computer prior to the start of the course in order to ensure the learning process runs as smoothly as possible. Some coursework requires certain software that only runs on Windows computers, which does not work with Mac computers or smartphones running iOS.