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The Global MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree programme is delivered by the University of Dundee through blended learning that is 100% online. This esteemed programme, recognized worldwide, is designed to cater to experienced managers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. With 90 credit points spread across 4 modules, this conversion Masters degree in Business Administration offers a comprehensive education.

University of Dundee

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Awarded Gold Rating in 2017

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University of Dundee

The overarching aims of the Global MBA programme are multifaceted. It aims to develop a holistic understanding of organizations, encompassing their external and internal contexts, management, and governance. It fosters adaptability to change and encourages forward-thinking in shaping the future of organizations. By extending students’ conceptual abilities and honing their analytical skills, the programme empowers graduates to navigate complex business environments.

One of the key strengths of the programme lies in cultivating a critical awareness of current issues in international business and management. Students benefit from the latest research and industry practices, gaining insights into the cutting-edge aspects of their field. Furthermore, the programme equips students with specialized techniques to delve into strategic business and management issues, allowing for comprehensive investigations.

Graduates of the Global MBA programme emerge with a wide range of cognitive, intellectual, and business-specific skills, complemented by strong personal and interpersonal abilities. They are well-prepared to drive innovation, evaluate trends, and implement transformative changes across all areas of business. Understanding the nature of value creation in different sectors enables them to make informed decisions. They possess the prowess to develop, promote, and pitch ideas, products, and services, while presenting a unique business vision in highly competitive marketplaces.

In addition to their managerial competence and advanced project management skills, graduates of the Master in Business Administration develop enhanced abilities to analyze complex problems, scenarios, and big data. They are equipped with the necessary tools to negotiate and communicate successfully in the dynamic and demanding world of business.

The Global MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme spans approximately 9 months and is delivered through distance learning, providing flexibility and accessibility for students. Through online platforms, students can engage with course materials, interact with fellow learners, and participate in collaborative activities. The blend of online learning methods ensures a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

By embarking on the Global MBA (Master of Business Administration) journey, students gain a prestigious degree that empowers them to excel in the global business landscape. The programme not only imparts knowledge but also fosters the skills and mindset necessary to thrive as accomplished business professionals.

What programs can you apply?

Global Master of Business Administration (12 month):

It takes around 12 months to complete the MBA program. After completing the Qualifi Level 7 postgraduate diploma, students can apply for the MBA programme at University of Dundee.