Law, Master of Laws in Law (LLM)

The LLM is a great way to expand your career prospects, increase your income potential, and prepare to start a new and exciting career in your chosen field.

The Master of Law course can bring more opportunities and advantages to your career:

  • Demonstrate to your employer that you are capable of taking on new responsibilities and leadership positions
  • Enhance your understanding of International Trade Law, Commercial Trust Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law
  • Making connections with other students, lawyers, and professionals can help gain a broader perspective


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Suitable for:

  • A recognized professional qualification (s) plus at least
    3 years of full-time work experience at senior level.
    Shortlisted applicants may be invited for an interview.
  • Or UK QCF Level 6 Diploma (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree qualification)
  • Or holds a bachelor’s degree

Course features:

  • Various practical classes, including International Trade Law, Commercial Trust Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law, etc.
  • 100% assessment based, no exams
  • Equivalent to local students’ qualifications in the UK
  • University professor support on graduation thesis

What programs can you apply?

University of Central Lancashire
Master of Laws in Law (LLM)

Embark on a transformative journey into the intricate world of law with the prestigious Master of Laws (LLM) Top-Up program at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). This nine-month program offers flexible distance learning, allowing you to harmonize your studies with work and personal commitments. Gain a deep understanding of legal principles and their practical applications through critical evaluation of domestic, European, and international law. The highlight is the Law Dissertation module, where you’ll conduct extensive research under the guidance of esteemed academic supervisors. Enhance your employability with qualifications in alternative dispute resolution. Join successful LLM alumni and celebrate your achievements at our grand graduation ceremony.

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Know about the benefits of LLM Hong Kong Our University

Our University is a great educational institution opts for providing higher education that specializes in teaching students successfully. Our knowledgeable teachers are capable of making a better tomorrow. We forever seek out innovative ways to create skilled students in order to offer the most advanced education in Law. This is reflected in our dynamic success, which comprises a widespread, top-level global business network, first-class results and best on-campus facilities.

Online LLM law classes are conducted successfully by our inspirational faculties and esteemed university partnership. Our pioneering mix of various teaching method make best lawyers in the country. Our visionary mind set and innovative ideas helps in providing inspired solutions to solve tomorrow’s problems in the core subject areas. We are a top ranked university with good scope since we aim to provide world-class education for master in law.

Benefits of master in law degree

An LLM master in law degree definitely fuels candidate’s career no matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced working professional. Remember that if you are a regular work doing professional who can’t attend the classes on a regular basis of a 3 year LLM program? Here the best chance for such candidate is part time LLM which saves your job as well as studies. We present best doubts clearing sessions planned by the professors of our institutions through online video calls on a daily basis.

Our university guidance help candidates to learn subject areas well and assist to concentrate towards the online LLM program that’s really worthy and right for you. We guide you the easy ways to learn master law subjects according to your individual need and this idea will help students to reach their unique goals. After getting the master of law degree LLM, you will be placed in a better position to explain your unique skill trajectory. Students are guided best by our supreme faculty who are surrounded by other inventive minds; you will have the choice to find out as you discover your own target.

Advantages of Online LLM program

The increase in part time LLM programs through online aim in teaching subject student’s best with a specialisation and worthy study mode means that students can most certainly find a tailored educational program to match your needs. Many LLM master of law programs are available through online for the benefit of students so students can study the subjects without any break. Our university allow students the choice of doing additional courses as per students wish. Online law master program have many advantages if you learn it a right manner and it is important to prefer the method of studying that suits according with your lifestyle.

Part-time LLM law master programs generally take up to two years to earn a degree, although some online LLM degree courses offer the advantages of doing this degree for about lengthy time periods or, certainly, lasts about 3 year periods. A typical online master law or part time LLM program requires students to take one or two year courses per term, with a regular online class sessions most often conducted during every day (weekday) evenings or in certain cases at weekends.

Benefits of Master of laws degree qualifications

The Master Law degree qualifications are now accessible through three different modes of learning. They are full-time LLM, part-time LLM and also as LLM distance learning. The majority of people today are wishing to do an LLM course still so through either the LLM full-time or LLM part-time method. So students who completed their plus two qualification can think and you can expect from these types of courses? So just choose an option between full-time learning and part-time learning and after that select a university to do your upcoming studies.

Details about Full time LLM HK degree program

Basically, a full-time LLM HK degree program requires a student to devote themselves fully too in-depth study of their selected subject – just like a full time undergraduate degree. Such kind of courses engage students to attend lectures on regular weekdays and needs to participate in group seminars within the law university campus. Such universities also conduct independent study programs in order to finish one or more extended course of work for evaluation since the exact number will relay up on the course provider.  Here the amount of time spends while studying lessons in this method go up to 40 forty hours per week, which includes personal seminar tutoring as well as independent study. A full-time LLM law degree course will normally take between ten to twelve months to complete.

Details about Part time LLM HK degree program

A part-time LLM Hong Kong programme will also engage students in attending part time classes, lectures and seminars. However, the times and sessions may differ according to the university; mostly the part-time postgraduates carry on to work while they are doing a LLM Hong Kong degree course, which means their university set the seminar hours in which they need to attend lectures and subject group discussions. Most universities fix the part time learning course during weekday evening or else weekend sessions.

The approximate time credited to part-time LLM Law study, includes online contact hours and autonomous study, which is consequently reduced to around 22 to 24 hours per week. As such, a part-time LLM law course will continue around two years to earn a degree, with some course may take longer depends on the course structure or any particular situations which means the student will take more time.

Why to prefer full-time LLM degree for postgraduate level?

Full-time LLM HK degree study is a superb way to connect regularly with your selected subject. It allows students to focus solely on their studies without any life distractions or additional responsibilities like a job to think as well. A full-time master of law course can offer candidates a best chance to change place to another city or town during their study year. Students will get best support and counsel from their tutors, class mates and other university support services, such as the careers guidance service, as you will want to stay on-site most days at your law school.

There is a huge advantage of getting face-to-face tuition and study contact hours with teachers, and it is consequently more probable that you will get assistance at the right time when you actually need it. In terms of your upcoming career you can moreover take benefit of all accessible societies, law programs, professional bono projects and careers guidance, which may helps to earn up more network of job opportunities and assist you with certain things like job applications or interview preparation.

Things to consider before attending a full time LLM HK course

A key topic to think before attending full-time study is about the cost. Fees must be paid to the university straight away before the master law degree course starts, and this is a question to all? How you will solve your upcoming LLM course costs, such as housing, exam fees and study materials. For a full-time PG student there will not have much free time at all also time won’t allow you to work and earn money to satisfy your learning needs. UG study is really a step up degree from UG level, and you can suppose the job to be even more severe. One needs to look after the necessary monetary savings or cause of income to tally the year’s costs? Presently, there are huge selections of master of laws degree funding sources accessible, but it is very vital that you are definite you will be capable to fund your full-time LLM degree study if this is the choice you prefer.

If you are a present working candidate you might also need to consider whether you actually wish to take nearly one year out from your career. Before choosing a master of laws be sure that what makes worthy and sense for you, both professionally and personally. After going through a self-evaluation you can choose a part time or full time option.

Why it is important to study a part-time LLM?

A part-time LLM Hong Kong will be a good option for candidates who don’t wish or are not able to leave their jobs and other personal commitments to follow a full-time LLM HK PG study. Though the time will take longer to earn a degree, the easiness and adaptability of this method denotes it is still probable to work either as a full time or part-time role. In a part time LLM degree course one can keep earning money to help individually and others in certain cases, plus help to satisfy the costs of their degree.

Think to consider about taking a part time LLM HK

The range of part time LLM HK degree is available as an online part time course which is not quite lengthy as the full-time degree options, so you must need to make some adjustments on your selected degree if it is not provided in this format. Different law universities have diverse part-time degree course options too. If you are not able to change place and the right degree is not available at your own local institution just choose a distance learning LLM degree since it could be a better alternative.

Though in part time LLM HK there is less learning hours included per week when compared to a full-time LLM Hong Kong study. It can be somewhat difficult at certain times pretty when you are trying to handle both a job and weekend or weekday evening study, in addition to any other commitments. Many people mostly manage a degree course as well as a professional job. In such situations you need to plan to manage your effective routines and listen onto your studies.

LLM law master course duration can extend up to three years for a part time learning mode. All the LLM part time universities or Colleges required to be permitted by UGC, otherwise the course would not be valuable enough to be a degree qualification. Online application for our university will be available online when the admission application period begins, which is generally in the May month of every year. Also our universities will provide application via offline forms. Hence candidates can contact their selected universities about the admission details. The average LLM fees structure is quite less when related to the normal mode and the candidates can question about the course fee in the particular university. All the books and law degree course materials required for LLM online will be sent through online or either home delivery to the students.

Part time LLM law programs

Our institution present part time LLM law programs as well as Full time LLM programs which includes online classes and weekend Executive program. It is aimed mostly for working professionals who are seeking the best business ideas, knowledge and tools about the LLM online program which are essential for advancing their career. Our LLM online is extremely flexible which can be completed within three years, the time can be slow down or speed up as desirable.

 We will offer special classes for answer sessions via online, and also with the phone consultation accessibility. We would really love to hear regarding your goals and talk about our Online LLM can make for you. We have made top studying students and now they are working in MNC companies all over the world. Our university in Hong Kong welcomes students worldwide from one side of the globe to the next side for its well-known schools and projects. The teaching staffs in our university have more years of working experience so they guide students suitably. Many online schools in Hong Kong present online LLM for the benefit of students.