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MBA programmes are offered by traditional UK public universities and focus on developing the knowledge and skills required for business careers, and are recognised by the government and various business organisations.


Is it worth learning LLM courses?

LLM is the abbreviation for Master of Laws. Many students will choose to learn LLM UK, but for international students, there is almost no scholarship, so every applicant must spend his own money to learn. The annual tuition fee for UK LLM is approximately 40000 US dollars, and with different living expenses in different regions, the total cost is estimated to be around 500000 to 600000 Hong Kong dollars. It can be seen that learning LLM courses is valuable, but pursuing LLM programs through traditional college is expensive and the high tuition fees have become the biggest obstacle for many students.

The UK online LLM program has become the best choice for many law college students to pursue further education due to its short duration, low cost, and good effectiveness.

LLM online program is a one-year program specifically designed for international students. Anyone with a Bachelor of Laws degree or above can apply to pursue LLM. After earning sufficient credits, you can obtain the LLM degree when you graduate.


online LLM and LLM distance learning are your wise choices

Compared to learning LLM abroad, online distance learning LLM in Hong Kong is a wiser choice, for the following reasons:

  1. Convenience and flexibility are obvious advantages of LLM online distance learning. You don’t need to go abroad, you don’t need to pay additional transportation and living expenses. You only need a computer to learn in Hong Kong and earn an LLM degree. The learning efficiency has greatly improved.
  2. The tuition fees of the online LLM program are lower.
  3. With the development of technology and the impact of COVID-19, distance learning LLM is becoming more and more popular. LLM online distance learning is also suitable for part-time learning, allowing students to learn part time LLM while working.
  4. Since part time LLM courses do not require students to leave their original living areas, the students participating in the course will be more diverse. online LLM courses can offer simulated classroom teaching, as well as real-time video conferencing, file sharing, and homework review. The teaching effect is no different from offline teaching.

Nowadays, many prestigious universities offer online teaching, allowing students to study LLM part time, greatly improving learning efficiency without reducing the learning effect.


What are the employment prospects for LLM online distance learning after graduation?

If you are currently working, it is recommended to attend the part time LLM program at a prestigious foreign university. After graduating from UK online LLM program, you can also take the BAR exam.

For working people, time is the most precious. The LLM online distance learning program only requires one year of online learning to earn a degree, greatly saving students’ time. Distance learning LLM program has a short duration, allowing students to work and learn at the same time. After graduation from UK online LLM program, it is necessary to apply the knowledge to practical cases to have substantive effects.After working, you will have a clearer understanding of your future development direction and be able to fully utilize the knowledge and social resource of UK online LLM. After graduation from the free online LLM program, you will also get internationally recognized degree certificates. Through UK online LLM program, your career prospects will be even broader. You can choose to be a lawyer in a law firm, engage in foreign-related business, or work in financial industries such as securities and banking.

Distance learning LLM program is the quickest way to refresh your educational background. The free online LLM project will take your career even further.Instead of worrying about the reputation and social recognition of the online LLM program, it’s better to clarify your goal of learning the LLM online program and use one year to improve your overall abilities. If you devote yourself to the online LLM program, you will be able to improve after graduation. You will gain an international perspective, be able to use English skillfully and be more familiar with foreign legal systems.

Learning the Free online LLM program in Hong Kong

UK University provides you with flexible and high-quality UK distance LLM online courses. By utilizing the convenience of distance learning, you can obtain an LLM degree without going abroad. We will recommend a suitable LLM distance learning program based on your actual situation. It only takes one year to earn credits and successfully graduate.

In addition, our center will also provide you with one-stop professional guidance for further education, such as university registration agency, application forms, recommendation letters, English resumes, and other guidance services. You will have the opportunity to have face-to-face online communication with professors from prestigious universities, making learning more efficient.

The LLM part time course is 100% remote teaching, with a flexible learning mode that allows students to work while learning. You can still get learning resources that are no different from those students at college. You can get all kinds of learning information, university online library resources, teaching notes, case study documents, and so on. The professors also guide students’ writing and papers, ensuring the quality of teaching.

After graduation, you will receive an internationally recognized degree, all of which comply with the qualifications framework of the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) in the UK. The degree has been recognized by over 200 universities, industry associations, and local universities.

LLM degree is very helpful for your career development. Please call 69659888 to contact the admissions team for more information about LLM distance learning.

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